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See what some of our lovely clients have to say about their experience with The Dog Angels

I enlisted the help of The Dog Angels when I adopted my puppy Kilo from dogs trust at 11weeks old. Prior to bringing her home, we decided to invest in the puppy preparation package to ensure we were fully aware of what we were getting ourselves into. The Dog Angels visited my home and advised me on food, bedding, crate and which toys to buy, as well as puppy proofing my home.
Once we had collected our puppy we had a second at home training session. As soon as we met our trainer we could see how passionate she was about dogs and her knowledge of training was clearly extensive. In our first session together Kilo was sitting, lying down, giving high fives and working really hard for some tasty treats! The tips and advice she gave for training, recall, playing, sleeping and toileting were my bible and my hard work has paid off! 8months on Kilo is still a lively pup but is very well behaved, listens and responds excellently to the commands and hand signals we were shown. I would definitely recommend The Dog Angels to anyone who wants to train their puppy in a positive simple and fun way!! Chloe Farmer, Cabra
The Dog Angels were amazing at helping our young son learn how to interact and communicate effectively with Ruby. Bringing such a large dog into a house that is always filled with children, it was so important to us that everyone learn how to work together. 

We loved the kind yet effective training methods we were shown and were amazed by the patience our trainer showed with our son, explaining to him (and us) how dogs see the world. 

Weighing in at a whopping 65kg Ruby is a gentle giant and we constantly get lovely comments about how well behaved she is for such a large and powerful dog. Clare ( NN6)
​Helen- you are a genius! Our pup is so much better since we saw you! x​  Toni, Northampton NN6
Blue really challenged us with his hyperactive, and destructive behaviour.  It seemed no matter what we did we couldn't manage to use up enough of his energy. Calling The Dog Angels was life changing. We now have a calm content (if still a little bit crazy) pet.   Jackie Clarke, Ashbourne Ireland
Helen really helped us to understand our strong-minded Siberian Husky. Walks are no longer a nightmare as Texas has learned to walk perfectly on the lead.
Steven O'Brien, Blackrock Ireland
Molly and Merlin 

Both our dogs have received training with Helen over the last couple of years.  as they were rescues they both had some issues which we really knew nothing about dealing with. One nervous of strangers particularly men and the other lead reactive.
Helen is a fantastic trainer. Nothing seems to be a problem to her. And she will take you through all training step by step. Training you the owner as well. Her confidence, in turn, rubs off on the dogs. She will tell you herself, Rome wasn't built in a day. Work with Helen and guaranteed you'll be a happier owner with a happy confident dog. 
Carole and Bernie, Tallaght​​ Ireland​​

Many many thanks for the assistance last Friday. Flora is such an amazingly clever little dog - she's responding so much to the new "rules" already.

Peace reigned at breakfast time this morning - no barking at all ! Yesterday, just had to say "no barking" & she turned & popped into her basket herself!
Going out the door for a walk with her yesterday, there was a little barking, but a firm "no barking" stopped her in her tracks & worked again when I got her in the car to go to the park. Busy day there with the market but walked her in & around the food stalls - she was just great.

Down at the beach this morning (no barking going out the door/no barking in the car - OMG !) 
Vivien Hughes​​